Who is Real Estate Inverlad?

Real Estate Inverlad is a Central Florida based real estate group with collective local, domestic and international experience. Three members of the leadership team are Orlando natives and the company’s main headquarters is located in Thornton Park. The team has deep roots in the community through generations of family residency. The company has a long term investment outlook for its real estate developments and demands high quality in their projects. Learn more about Real Estate Inverlad here.

Who else is on the Ivanhoe Place project team?

Additional team members for the project include local companies including but not limited to Jack Jennings & Sons, a construction company based in the Ivanhoe area for over 60 years; Baker Barrios, a local architecture company based in Downtown Orlando; and Littlejohn, a local engineering firm based in College Park.

What is the overall vision for the Ivanhoe Place project?

Where the industrial heritage, established neighborhood, and creative clientele come together in an authentic way to create a great place.

What is the size of the project?

The currently proposed project will have approximately 630 residential units with approximately 45,000 square feet of commercial space. The project will also incorporate large open areas for use by the public, along with improved bike access, and other pedestrian friendly attributes.

Does the current project require a rezoning or comprehensive plan amendment?

No. The property has a current zoning designation of MU2/T, however there will be an opportunity for community input before the master plan is finalized.

How are traffic studies being conducted?

The traffic impact analysis uses industry standard evaluation tools, software programs and the adopted regional travel demand model for trip assignment. Methodologies are based on the nationally recognized Highway Capacity Manual and the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation, 9th Edition guidelines. The study design will be applied to complete the analysis based on a City of Orlando approved traffic study methodology.

What is Real Estate Inverlad doing to help with the traffic situation in the area?

Real Estate Inverlad recognizes the existence of certain traffic congestion issues and impacts to the neighborhoods that are the result of other development in the area and general growth in the community. In discussions with the City of Orlando, a series of potential solutions are being offered to help alleviate current problems and address impacts from the proposed project. These solutions will be tested and included in the project design as appropriate and accepted by the residents and businesses who have a stake in the project outcomes. These improvements may include traffic calming measures, intersection and signal modifications, traffic channelization, improved street alignments, and access design to direct traffic to the desired roadway network.

In what ways will the current culture of artists be preserved?

Real Estate Inverlad is committed to proactive communication with the artists in the Ivanhoe community. Local artists in the area have met and will continue meeting with the project architect and developer in order to gain input on the design. There is a plan to incorporate work studios into the project to insure that some of the artists are able to stay and have a place to showcase their work. Real Estate Inverlad will continue to work with local artists to help preserve the cultural feel of the community. This is and will remain an important part of the vision.

Will there be any open areas for the residents to use as event space and/or community gatherings?

Yes. There will be a sizable open area towards Virginia Drive where neighborhood retail will be located, including an event lawn and a “pocket park”. These areas will give the local neighborhood a place to gather and hold events.

Will The Venue be preserved?

The Venue will continue to operate and is not part of the initial development. We also hope to be able to incorporate them into the new project once completed if they choose to do so.

What is the timeline for the planning and construction of the project?

Timeline is still being determined. The neighborhood will be notified of timeline updates, as well as information will be posted on this website.

What will the development be called?

A final name of the project has not been determined at this time, however "The Yard" and "Ivanhoe Place" are both possible name concepts.

How can I share my views and opinions on this project?

Real Estate Inverlad welcomes your feedback. Please complete our survey here.

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